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In the present Changing scenario and widening views. Everyday keen competition and growing demand of technical knowledge have made every job tough for our youth. One has to Prove or perish is the call of the day.

Keshri Devi Memorial Pvt. ITI  is known for quality education, academics, excellence, executive personality developement and industrial expertise.

Our major strength is our highly qaulified faculties, quality students and dedicated staff members. Recently, KDM Pvt. ITI have taken different kind of steps to make this institute more glorified. We are focusing on our faculty and students. We have arranged the different level of seminar's for upgradoing their knowledge and give them the opportunity to participate and to show their talents. We are working on classroom and wholeinfrastructure of the institute so that our students can get every facility here. We are going to introduce online learning , teaching modernizing IT, and preparing competitive exams upgrading the librabry and availing all kind of books to the students.

Our faculty members are involved in research and consultancy activities which are needed to keep them abreast of the ever changing corporate world.

On the whole we have always tried our best to provide more and more facilities to our students so that they may be on pour with thore of the prestigious institute in the country.



Director General

Keshri Devi Memorial Pvt. ITI

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